Festival News – Get the Low Down on Festivals, Performers and Speakers

Festival News – Get the Low Down on Festivals, Performers and Speakers

festival news

Festival News – Get the Low Down on Festivals, Performers and Speakers

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As part of our Festival News series, I have put together an article outlining the key highlights from the last month. If you are new to the town and is looking forward to attending the festival in October, this is the best article to read before you make your booking. If you are already on vacation or planning a trip to J Vilniae, keep reading for some information on the best things to do there. Some things you may not have heard of!

A celebration of the traditional culture of the Latvian region, the Festival of Vilniae takes place on the last Friday of August/early September. On this day, the three thousandth year anniversary of the beginning of human settlement in the region, the celebration includes parades, street dances, folk music and workshops. In recent years there has been much debate as to whether Vilniae should be renamed to coincide with the opening of the twentieth century. This month sees the first celebrations of the festival in a long time.

Over the coming months the line-up of speakers and artists who will take to the podium will be released. In preparation for the festival, many cultural events such as theatrical performances and workshops have been arranged. There will be exhibitions, presentations and plays, as well as music and dance performances. The Festival of Vilniae is one of the most popular Latvian festivals, attracting many tourists and international guests.

Celebrated artist and local artist Zsanett first came to prominence when he was invited to perform at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games held at Celtic Park, Glasgow. His infectious music and keen sense of the Celtic heritage of the area are still appreciated by people of all ages. Zsanett’s musical compositions ‘Rattle Don’t Stop’, ‘Where the Saints Go’ and ‘Passing Fingers’ has inspired many other artists. Prominent local and international figures such as John Paul Jones, Brian May and Robbie Williams have also performed at Vilniae. As the festival draws near, more prominent guests are expected to join the line-up including John Hurt and Roger Daltrey.

There will be more surprises in store for Festival News readers when it comes to the line-up of speakers and performers. Performers booked to appear include: Sir Paul McCartney and his wife-to-be-stood-for, Princess Beatrice of York; pop legend Madonna; pop princess Tiffany; and the comedian Vicodoco. The full line-up of music performers and speakers will be confirmed as the festival draws nearer. Tickets are on sale now.